Design & Manufacturing

Hydroponic Solution Designers & Manufacturers

Let our team take your big idea to the next level. We have been in business for over 40 years, providing our clients with fitting solutions for their custom project. Our design, engineering and manufacturing experience will work with and for you. Our custom solutions have been featured on Dragon's Den, a reality show that features entrepreneurs. From custom living walls to urban gardens, aquaponic to aeroponic, our custom solutions will bring your dream to a reality.

We offer a variety of design & engineering services.

• Industrial Design
• Graphic Design
• Reverse Engineering
• Mechanical Engineering
• Prototyping

The Original Grow Tray

We are the industry leaders for experience and product quality. Our designs have often been copied but you won't find better quality elsewhere. With a wide range in equipment we can make a product nearly any size. Recent products such as modular trays let us expand beyond our typical 10' x 10' maximum tray size. Let our team take your big idea to the next level.

We offer a variety of manufacturing services.

• Thermoforming
• Plastic Fabrication
• Water Jet Cutting
• Custom Fabrication
• CNC Machining, Trimming and Foam Cutting
• Pattern Making/Tooling
• Welding
• Assembly
• PUR Molding and Thermoset Elastomeric Polymer (TEP) Curing