Maximize your cultivation grow space.

Make your hydroponic growing systems effortless. With our grow trays and reservoirs, you’ll be able to make the most of every available square foot of your space so you can produce more for less.


Next generation hydroponic grow trays.

Time is money. But for you, space is also money. Improve the space-time continuum and take your growing to the next level with our new space-and-time-saving modular tray system. Combined with our rolling benches and racks, you can put together long continuous growing systems to maximize the use of your space and increase your crop yield up to 50%.

Level up your operations thanks to our proprietary tech.

How can a simple grow tray maximize your efficiency? By eliminating leaks, reducing your set-up time and minimizing your maintenance. Our proprietary technology features a press-fit 100% watertight seal with zero adhesives that allows growth pros like you to set up an entirely leak-free hydroponic system. Unless you like spending time mopping.

100% leak-free

Quick setup

Reduced maintenance

ProGrow OD (Outer Dimension) trays.

Don’t waste a single square foot! Maximize your internal footprint and get the most out of your space with our ProGrow OD trays. You can even customize the side wall heights to suit your own growing space and style.

ID (Inner Dimension) trays.

Lose the lip: give an inch, get a mile. With our G3 ID trays, you can optimize the layout of your cultivation system and squeeze in more plants than you thought possible. These offer excellent rigidity all around and are designed with a multi-layer pattern for quick drainage.


They’re an integral component of your operations. Without them, there wouldn’t be much growing. No, we’re not talking about the bottles of wine that get you through the afternoons, but your reservoirs. Our reservoirs are easy to clean, come with graduation marks and are made with reinforced walls for added strength and durability. Lids are optional add-ons and can include up to three portholes.

Need a custom size?

Can’t find what you’re looking for? No sweat, we’ll make it! We have 40 years experience creating innovative growth solutions that help our customers make the most of their space and we are happy to help. And, since we’re the manufacturer, our turn-around time is much shorter than other distributors for similar products. So what are you waiting for? Let us bring your idea to life.