Movable Planter

  • Folklift channels to move fully loaded planters
  • Thick plastic for strength
  • 4×4 option, dimensions 41″ x 49″ outer dimensions including flange (16″ or 24″ depth options)

Download Harvester Product Sizing Chart


Optimized Space Utilization: In urban environments where every square inch counts, containers and raised beds allow you to grow a variety of crops vertically and efficiently. This means you can cultivate more produce in less space, increasing your overall yield.

Improved Soil Quality: Our raised beds are designed with carefully selected soil mediums and compost, ensuring your crops have the best foundation for healthy growth. This product provides excellent drainage and aeration, minimizing the risk of over-watering and waterlogging.


Enhanced Accessibility: Movable Planters are designed to be accessible for individuals with varying physical abilities, making it easier for your team to tend to crops and engage in the farming process.


Extended Growing Seasons: Containers and raised beds offer better temperature control and soil insulation, allowing you to extend your growing seasons and potentially introduce new crops that might not have thrived otherwise.


Reduced Pest and Weed Pressure: Elevating your crops off the ground in raised beds can help reduce the risk of pests and weeds. Combined with your sustainable practices, this can lead to even healthier crops without relying on excessive pesticides or herbicides.

Aesthetically Pleasing: Your urban farms not only provide nourishment but also contribute to the beauty of our city. Containers and raised beds can add an aesthetically pleasing touch to your farms, making them even more inviting to your community.